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Social Customer Tracking
Online Reputation Management Software

The customer is the king and this is what makes his social media activity of utmost importance to you. Your customers have conversations about your organization – discuss you, recommend you, complain about you and even try to talk to you via reviews. This is where Social Customer Tracking comes into the picture. Our Online Reputation Management Software CRM platform that integrates social media gives you access to the same level of insight you have for more traditional channels, plus the ability to use social tools for communicating internally. You can monitor, track and benchmark your social media communications using familiar tools, dashboards, and metrics.

Managing Reviews with CRM

Every time a customer mentions you online, it qualifies as an online customer review, whether or not it is posted on a reviewing platform. This leaves your business in a vulnerable position without having a tool to track such activities of the customer on social media. But this problem has been solved by RevLeap. You can now keep track of all the social media posts made by your customers that pertain to you or your business so that you can act upon them in time.
Until now, customers’ social media activity had been something of a closed book – a channel of communication that wasn’t trackable, measurable, plannable or improvable. With social CRM, that’s changed. By adding the critical social media channel to your existing CRM systems, you can combine everything you already know about each customer, prospect and lead with new information about their social media activity. And when a customer chooses to contact you via Twitter or Facebook, you can track and manage the conversation in as much detail as you would for a telephone or email enquiry. You’ll be able to act faster, respond better and anticipate your customers’ needs.

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